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Silver Shungite (Elite Shungite) Pendant - One of a kind


Silver Shungite (aka Elite Shungite) necklace restores dynamism and vitality during days of stress or fatigue by densifying and balancing the whole energy field.
It also protects you from non-biological frequencies that come from computers, TVs, microwaves, mobile phones, and wireless.

***Every piece of jewelry is unique and one of a kind, you'll receive a necklace which is similar to the one you see on this page. Leave a note when you place the order to choose exactly the stone you want to wear.

Shungite is an ancient wise Healing Stone, it's about 2 billion years old and it's extremely helpful at this age. We use Elite Shungite, (also called Silver Shungite) with 98% of carbon, 0,9% oxygen, and 0,3% hydrogen.

• Silver Shungite restores dynamism and vitality during days of stress or fatigue by densifies and balances your energy field.

  It also protects your energy during travels or under high electromagnetic density.

• It's an excellent grounding stone. When worries and fears drain your energy out of the body, forcing you to live in your mind, wearing Silver Shungite is an extraordinary remedy to dissolve blocks, insecurities, and self- doubts bringing you back to the present moment.

RELATED CHAKRA: Root Chakra (1° Chakra) and Soul Star Chakra.

LENGTH: make sure to book the perfect necklace for you by selecting the right length. 

NAME: every Giardinoblu piece of jewelry is a living creature. This Shungite Pendant is Tadewi, which means "Wind" in the Omaha language.

MATERIALS AND FINISHING: oxidized sterling silver (chain), nickel free bronze (frame and tag) and Silver Shungite Stone from Carelia, Russia.

TIMING: 15 business days after the purchase.

PACKAGING: every creature gets to you in a beautiful and resistant case with a Certificate of Authenticity. It’s perfect as a unique gift for your best friend or yourself. Designed and handmade in Italy with the collaboration of responsible and specialized local suppliers. 

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