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How to Charge and Activate Jewelry for Healing

Posted on October 06 2017

How to Charge and Activate Jewelry for Healing

Now that you had cleaned and cleansed your jewel, it'sready to receive positive energy and communicate with you.

That is the third part of a serie, so if you don't know how to clean and cleanse healing jewelry in an effective way, make sure to read the previous posts and implement the ritual inspire you the most before going through this.


That's a precious moment because now you know what creating a relationship with your jewel means.
And today we're going to dive even much more in-depth because we'll see the best Rituals to Charge and Activate your Healing Jewelry.

I have to tell you, I don't like these two terms (Charge and Activate) so much because they could set our mind in a perspective where crystal jewelry are passive or inert creatures.
Instead, I feel every creature, especially if handmade, vibrates from the inside.


Instead Charge I prefer Energize. It gives me the picture of something that offers and generate an authentic and vital vibration, so let's jump into that!

3 Best Rituals to Charge (or Energize) Crystal Jewels for your Journey towards Healing:

The concept around Energized or Charged Amulets is simple: they come from Mother Hearth because of the gemstones and because of the handmade process that allowed them to turn to thought into visible.

If you want to restore them with the energy that they love you have to infuse them with the same and the authentic vibe of Mother Nature.

Here are the Rituals you can experiment:


even if it could sound funny for jewelry, one of the best ritual is placing them on earth.


If you have a nice place at the foot of a tree will be awesome.

Instead, you can also place your amulet in a cup ( better if in wood or stone) with a handful of earth.
Leave your amulet on earth from 1 to 4 hours and then you can rinse the jewel thought running water.


if it's comfortable for you, you can also charge your healing jewels by using Reiki symbols (or other symbols), and projecting the symbol’s mental image in the jewel.


Place your amulet outside in a thunderstorm for a power charge of negative ions from the lightning.

Make sure it can feel the energy of Mother Heart and be safe at the same time.
*ps. Healing jewelry love this way of charging!

+plus even if Crystal Cluster is one of the option to cleanse our amulets, you can also use them to Energize and Charge jewelry.

How to Activate (or Awake) Crystal and Gemstones Jewels for Spiritual Healing

Sometimes, a jewel with Crystals can be a "sleeper".

Meaning that it needs to know it is going to walk with you on your own journey of healing.
Here's where the Activation process works, even if I prefer to call it "The Awakening process."

Making a spiritual connection with the Jewel is essential to activate it, to awaken its consciousness. 

Here's how Activate (or Awake) your Amulet:

1_ Hold your jewel on your hands and simply allow your vibe go through it without restrictions.

2_Awake its consciousness offering some sage or thoughts of Love and indicate your intent for spiritual healing use. 

Your Jewel will be grateful for sure because it is born for that

This event marks the initiation of the jewel as a Healer and makes an energy connection with who wear that jewel.

See you next week with the final post of this serie: How to Program your jewelry for Healing.


At soon,


  • FRANCESCA MANCINI: May 02, 2018

    Hi Cecil^^ thanks for sharing your heart with the world! Your attitude and sensitivity is a beautiful and rare gift!
    Botanic science proved that plants and flowers grow better when they’re with other plants or trees and when someone takes care of them not just with water and manure but also with energy and speaking.
    Is there a mysterious language in everything in nature and I think that some people can listen and understand it more than others.
    I’m honored you share your attitude on this blog!
    Please, dive deeper into the superpower you have Cecil! I’m sure you can discover even more :)
    I can only recommend verifying everything you listen from your rock, trees and sky and consult them to get an opinion, not an imperative. Mind that we’re all responsible for our life and future <3
    All Love

  • Cecil Osborne: May 02, 2018

    Thank you for the information. I have a question and I hope it it not too strange. I have been collecting since a very young age. I have always been attracted to “rocks”. I talk to them and sometimes they seem to answer back.
    I also talk to trees, the sky, the sea and so on. I think sometime that I may be just crazy or whatever. Am I crazy? It seems ok to me but I have to be careful as not to do this in public as to appear “crazy”. I would love your input on this subject. Thank you. Cecil

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