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Top Quality Citrine Necklace - One of a Kind


Top Quality Citrine Necklace is a premier Amulet of manifestation, imagination, and personal will. It decreases the sensitivity to criticism and inspires self-expression and abundance.
It raises self-esteem, encouraging new experiences and explorations.

Every piece is one of a kind.

• Carrying the power of the Sun, Top Quality Citrine necklace inspires abundance and manifestation, attracting wealth and prosperity. It also encourages generosity and sharing good fortune.
• As a professional support healing jewel, it improves cooperations for all who work in sales, and it's a fortifying amulet for medical workers and healers.
• It's excellent to overcome depression and reduces the sensitivity to criticism supporting creativity and self-expression.
Top Quality Citrine necklace is a potent purifier of one’s will center.
Helping to identify and heal issues of abuse and feelings of helplessness 
it's a great support to realize what is necessary to solve difficult situations providing courage and determination.  

**Every piece of jewelry is one of a kind because every Crystal is unique in the Universe, however, you'll have full control of your order, here's how:
• I'll contact you personally after your purchase sharing the best stones we have for your necklace;
• you're free to choose which specific stone you want in your necklace;
• we handcrafted your necklace with that particular stone.

NAME: Every Giardinoblu piece of jewelry is a living creature. This Citrine Necklace is Sanuye that means "red cloud at sunset" in the Miwok language.

MATERIALS AND FINISHING: nickel free bronze (frame and tag), sterling silver (chain) and Citrine.

CHAKRA: the primary chakra related to Citrine is the Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Crown Chakra.

TIMING: this creature needs 15 business days of manufacturing, then it gets to you in five business days worldwide.

PACKAGING: every creature gets to you in a charming and resistant case with a Certificate of Authenticity. It’s perfect as a special gift for your best friend or for yourself. Designed and handmade in Italy with the collaboration of responsible and specialized local suppliers. 

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