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6 MOST EFFECTIVE PRACTICES TO CLEANSE HEALING JEWELRY + My secret to choose the best for you

Posted on October 01 2017

6 MOST EFFECTIVE PRACTICES TO CLEANSE HEALING JEWELRY + My secret to choose the best for you

Once you have physically cleaned your jewel ( if you miss the episode go there to check it ) the next step is to cleanse it of vibrations and energies that come from other people handling the crystals during crafting, packing, transportation or any other experience that the jewel had before it has reached you.


And, most importantly, you should listen to your jewel to know precisely which cleansed method is the best for it and you.

If you're just approaching the world of the wisdom of healing jewelry this practice completely shifts the rule of jewelry in your life.

If you wear jewelry with a purpose from a long time these two rituals combining (cleanse and listening) help you to intensify your intentions.


6 Most Effective Practices to Cleanse Jewelry for Healing

Just placing your jewelry on a cluster of Quartz, (it could be Clear Quartz, Amethyst or Apophyllite for example) or on a slub of a Satin Selenite for an hour or more, depending on the unwanted energy inside the jewel.


If you cleanse your jewel for the first time, I recommend to placing it on a Cluster of Quartz or Selenite for almost eight hours, and then you can decrease the time.

A smart tip** You can store a beautiful Crystal Cluster close to your jewelry case in the bedroom, place the jewel on it during the night and wear it in the morning.
The Crystal purifies your jewelry and infuse a relaxing and lightly vibe into the environment at the same time.


Rinse the jewel under running water rubbing it with fingertips and asking to it to expel unclean and dirty energy until you feel your jewel is clear. You can also gently brush your jewel if it's necessary.


You can also leave it in the rain for 30 minutes, better if placed in a cup or a plate made of natural material like stone or wood.

Exposing your jewelry into incense or burning smoke is also an excellent way to purify them. I choose this way, especially for more than 4 pieces.
Healing Jewelry love white sage, Palo Santo and incense as well so choose what you love the most and your jewel love it too. 

It always a great idea to burn incense to purify not only your jewelry but the environment and yourself! 

There're many ways to cleanse jewelry by practicing visualization.
I use a few of them and here's one of my favorite.
This ritual requires maximum 10 minutes, make sure nobody bother you during this practice.


1_ Keep your Jewel, on the one hand, and bring your attention to the Crown Chakra.


2_ Inspire and exhale deeply making sure to enjoying your diaphragm, meaning taking the breath to your belly inflating it as you breathe for at least 10 times.
**You can say the Om Mantra if you will, invoking the Buddha's Nature, it's pure energy as your Crystal.


3_ Visualize a purple, and white ray of bright light that runs from the Crown Chakra thought your body and went out of the hand that holds the jewel infusing it with its cleaning energy.


4_ See with your Third Eye all the pollution and unwanted energies that comes out to the jewel while you're breathing. 


5_ Repeat until you feel your jewel is glad and bright from the inside.


There'are a few options to cleansing Jewel with sound, you can use 
• Crystal Tuning Forks: this tool resonates at a frequency in harmony with the Earth, just tap the fork and let the sound resonate throughout your jewel.

• Singing Bowls: The sound combined with your intentions remove negative energies from your jewel.

 Piano: check this video to know how to clean Crystals by using Piano'sounds, you can make the same thing with your healing jewel.
Unfortunately, I don't play the Piano, so I didn't test this method, I include it anyway because I think it could be super effective and enjoyable for you.


Cleansing your jewelry at the Moonlight is very powerful because the Moon has the ability to cleanse your jewelry infusing specific attribute and meaning in them each month.

Simply expose your jewel for at least 8 hours at the Moonlight to fully cleanse your jewel.

 Mind to thank your jewel after this practice, whatever way you choose to cleanse it.


Combining different Rituals:

Fell free to combining different rituals as you need to create the practice that resonates with you.

For example, for me, rinsing my jewels with water, (especially if the first time that I purify them), exposing them into Palo Santo, and placing some of them on Crystal Clusters when they need is one of the combo rituals that is more effective for me.


Spiritual Practices are not rocked sciences, they're an exploration in a mysterious world that is you. 

The most important thing here is freeing your mind from "what you must do and what not" and listen yourself with no limitations.


It's not easy, I get it, particularly in the beginning.
However, I promise you, you'll experience the way towards a new and a healthy life soon because these skills are already within you.



Find Out the Best Method to Cleanse Jewelry for You:

I wanna share with you my secret to know the best way to purify  jewels :


1_ Find a few seconds of quiet in your mind and outside. Breath slowly and deeply guiding your mind to be present in the now. 


2_ Hold your jewel in one hand, gently touch the surface and feeling the vibrations of colors and design.


3_ Imagine the jewel during each purifying rituals. Listen the wave your body experience while you visualize your jewel during each ritual.

It's not complicated, think about it, it's like when you buy a present for a friend:
What do you do to know what makes him/her happy? 
You connect your heart to her/his heart and start to imagine your friend receiving that particular gift.

If you see your friend happy in your mind, and at the same time something in your body starts to relax, that is  probably the best gift.


Just implement the same method before purifying the jewels that guide towards your purposes and see what happens.

If my method sounds "weird" at the first time, I'm sure you'll become even more confident in future and develop a sincere relationship with your amulet become even more spontaneous and natural for you.


Thank you so much for staying with me, 
see you next week,


All Love


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